Launched in 2010 by the Hong Kong-based actor/filmmaker/producer Juno Mak, Kudos Films is a production company that makes and distributes high-quality genre films for an international audience, while maintaining a strong flavor of local culture. Apart from the development and production of movie projects, the company is also responsible for the distribution and marketing of its own titles. Led by the artistic vision of Juno Mak, Kudos Films strives to produce original and challenging films which take the viewers beyond their wildest imagination.

  • As a pop singer, fashion ambassador and movie actor, writer, director and producer, Juno Mak Chun-lung has led a highly diversified career since he entered the entertainment business in 2002.

    Born in Hong Kong in 1984, the Vancouver-raised musician and film lover started his career with the global label Universal Music, before moving on to a more experimental music style when he joined the record company Silly Thing, at which he began producing his own albums and music videos. The relatively dark ambience of Mak’s music is perhaps best epitomized by his acclaimed concept album Chapel of Dawn: Chapter One, which includes notable collaborations with a number of Japanese artists, including Kan Takagi, You the Rock and Shinco @ Schadarappar, and has been sold in various cities around the world.

    After making his acting debut in Pang Ho-cheung’s ensemble comedy Trivial Matters in 2007, Mak also participated in the director’s follow-up project, the controversial gorefest Dream Home. With the ambition of establishing an uncompromising brand of movies that refuse to shy away from frank portrayal of violence and extreme emotions, Mak then teamed up with director Wong Ching-po for his next two movies.

    Revenge: A Love Story, which is based on an original story by Mak, is a nihilistic revenge thriller which earned him a best actor’s award at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, as well as the Silver George award for best director and The Second Diploma of Russian Film Critics at the Moscow International Film Festival.
    Co-produced with Willie Chan, Mak’s next film, Let’s Go!, Is a twisted superhero manga tribute that further confirmed the scriptwriter and lead performer’s sensibility for a romanticized take on a macabre world of good-versus-evil. The film marked the first production of Kudos Films Limited, the company that Mak set up in 2011.

    Scheduled for a 2013 release, Mak’s latest film Rigor Mortis is a modern-day homage to the jiang shi genre, an immensely popular group of Hong Kong horror comedies – beginning with the 1985 supernatural classic, Mr. Vampire – that fed on the legends of Chinese hopping vampires. The film commemorates Mak’s tenth anniversary in the business with a revitalization of one of his favorite movie subjects: the Chinese vampires. Co-produced by Mak and Japanese filmmaker Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) and developed from a story by Mak, Rigor Mortis reunites some of the original cast members of the 1980s series. It is also the feature-length directorial debut of Mak.