Directed by Ching-Po Wong
      Written by Lai-Ying Leung

      Juno Mak
      Sola Aoi
      Tong Liu
      Siu-Ho Chin

      Release date(s) 2010/12/2
      Country Hong Kong
      Language Cantonese
    • AWARD

      【15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival - Best Actor】 【33rd Moscow International Film Festival - Russian Film Critics Award】

    Josh Billings once proclaimed “there is no revenge so complete as forgiveness”, and shopkeeper-turned cold-blooded avenger Chan Kit (portrayed by Juno Mak) could certainly relate to the American humorist for his nightmarish ordeal in Revenge: A Love Story, a gory thriller developed from the romantic minds of Mak and director Wong Ching-po. Set in a rural village that seems to be perpetually enveloped by a sense of doom, the story opens to a number of brutal murders of existing officers at the local police station and their respective pregnant wives, whose fetuses have been cut out by a serial killer.

    After being stopped and arrested at a roadblock, Chan Kit is identified as the assailant and swiftly brought back to face his previous tormenters: the policemen who gang-raped his mentally challenged high school girlfriend Cheung Wing (Aoi Sola) six months earlier, as well as their corrupt associates who conspired together to cover up the case and put him in jail. But when news reaches the interrogation room of yet another case of a pregnant woman being cut open, what miraculously stands out from this vicious cycle of violence is an innocent love story that threatens to conquer all. From an original story by Mak, this contemporary exploitation film contemplates the politics of vengeance – to its most hysterical extremes.

    “Ching-Po’s thriller packs some serious shocks. Not for the faint-hearted” – Empire
    “An effective exploitation movie dressed up in apocalyptic clothes” – Film Business Asia
    “A tricky crime tale on the cusp of horror, balancing the grisly and the sentimental without wallowing excessively in either” – Variety
    “Revenge: A Love Story is first class genre cinema with a mean edge” – Twitch

    Wong Ching-po
    Wong Ching-po was born in Hong Kong in 1973. After directing a number of shorts, he made his full-length debut with the independent film Fu Bo (2003). His feature films as director include Jiang Hu (2004), Ah Sou (2005), Revenge: A Love Story (2010) and Let’s Go! (2011).

    Juno Mak
    Juno Mak was born in Hong Kong in 1984. He began his career as a pop singer and gradually developed into a fashion icon and a mainstay of Hong Kong alternative genre films. After taking part in acting roles in Pang Ho-cheung’s Trivial Matters (2007) and Dream Home (2010), he took the leads in Wong Ching-po’s Revenge: A Love Story (2010) and Let’s Go! (2011). His upcoming film, Rigor Mortis, will be the actor/screenwriter’s directorial debut.

    Aoi Sola
    Aoi Sola was born in Japan in 1983. She had been one of the country’s most popular porn actresses in the past decade before her crossover to the mainstream media. Her recent appearances in feature films include Hormones (2008), Torso (2009), Big Tits Zombie (2010) and Revenge: A Love Story (2010). She is also a cultural icon in various Asian countries, currently boasting over 13 million followers on Sina Weibo, a micro-blogging site that may be regarded as China’s equivalent to Twitter.